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Get Gardening Safely this Spring


This weekend marks the start of Spring for many people. The clocks go forward giving an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day – which means that there’s more time to spend in the garden.

If you’re one of those gardeners’ who waits until the clocks move to start your summer projects, Active Care Chiropractic’s Dr Phil Baines is warning you to be careful. “After a winter of little activity in the garden, you’ll be using muscles that you’ve not used for while. Gardening-related muscle pulls, sprains and bad backs are one of key reasons people visit my practice”.

“A little time spent before grabbing the spade or fork can prevent you being my next patient!” Said Dr Baines.

  • Don’t go straight into the heavy work in the garden; start off with the lighter jobs as this will help to warm up the muscles and lessen the chances of strain
  • Vary your activity – spend just 20-30 minutes on one task and remember to take regular breaks
  • Get as close to things as possible when you are pruning to avoid overstretching
  • Don’t lift with your arms straight out; keep your elbows bent and to your side to minimise any stress on your back 

By taking care in the early days of Spring gardening you’ll be well enough to enjoy the lazy summer days in the comfort of your lounger.

Download our Get Gardening Safely Guide