What To Consider When Choosing A Chiropractor

Chiropractic is full of professionals, many of whom will have different approaches to treatment and chiropractic care, and will use different techniques to help people. This broad church of chiropractors can therefore make it a little more difficult than is needed for people to select the right chiropractor for them.

When it comes to choosing a chiropractor, careful consideration needs to be given to a list of different areas. What’s their treatment style? Which techniques do they use? Asking all of these questions will most certainly be how you choose the right chiropractor to help with treating your ailments and injuries.

So, in this article we’re going to dive into exactly which questions are the best to be asking as well as giving you some advice on what you should anticipate from chiropractic care.

What To Look For In A Chiropractor

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As with many non-emergency medical fields, such as Dentistry or even General Practitioners, we always want to ensure we feel comfortable with the person delivering our treatment and that we can trust in their opinion to help us get back to our healthy selves. With choosing a chiropractor, this is no different and below we have summarised all of the most important questions you should find the answers to before making your decision.

Is The Chiropractor Someone You Can Feel Comfortable With? Probably the most important place to start is by making sure you find a chiropractor who you’re going to have a connection with and feel comfortable receiving treatment from. This could be something as conventional as having a preferred gender for the person delivering your chiropractic treatment. Or it could be a little more complex in that you are looking for someone who is experienced in treating specific types of injuries.

Whatever your criteria for this question is, you can start by looking at the clinic’s website for information. As well as this, you should not be afraid to pick up the phone and call their office. Most clinics will have a friendly front of house team that are more than happy to address any concerns and answer the different questions new patients may have. 

What Techniques Do They Use? Knowing your chiropractor’s techniques and approach is crucial to your body’s long-term health and how quickly you recuperate from injuries and get the most out of your body. Now, your injury itself may well dictate the type of technique or adjustments that your chiropractor will recommend. 

However, most reputable clinics will list their key techniques on their website to give new patients a good insight into how they approach the treatment of certain injuries. Understanding these different techniques will be incredibly helpful in deciding how to choose a chiropractor you trust to help you with your recovery.

How Much Experience Does The Chiropractor Or The Clinic Have? The best chiropractors have been practising for many years It’s only through this day in, day out experience of delivering chiropractic treatment that they can master an understanding of how best to treat different pains, aches and injuries.

It’s certainly worth reading up about the different chiropractic clinics in your area, how long they have been operating and what experience levels their chiropractors have. Making the decision to work with a chiropractor who has years of experience in the field is certainly going to positively impact how well and how quickly you recover. 

Background Research For Choosing A Chiropractor

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Aside from the chiropractor or chiropractic clinic themselves, there are also many other things which you should take into consideration when choosing a chiropractor. These are things such as reviews and referrals as well as professional registrations, all of which will act as strong trust signals when you’re considering how to pick a good chiropractor.

Making Sure The Clinic Is Professionally Registered. In order to practice chiropractic care in the United Kingdom, chiropractic clinics must be registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC). You can check that your local chiropractic clinics are registered with the GCC on their official website here.

See Active Care Chiropractic’s official registration with the GCC here.

Read Online Reviews From Other People. Perhaps this is one of the more obvious pieces of advice in this article, however that doesn’t mean it is any less important. Just as the experience of individual chiropractors is something which should be taken into account, so too are the experiences that other people have had with those chiropractors. Online reviews from places such as Google My Business, Social Media and other review platforms are great places to find out just what other customers of the clinics have to say about the quality of their treatment. 

Is There Something That Makes A Particular Clinic Stand Out? As we discussed at the very beginning of this article, chiropractic care is a broad church of different styles and approaches. But when you’re choosing a chiropractor, it can be good to see what makes clinics different from one another. For example, if it’s a case that a clinic deals in particular with many sports injuries, then they will likely have a larger array of techniques focused on this. 

Or, perhaps they have specialist equipment? For example in the last decade, NovoTHOR® machines have become increasingly popular as a form of treatment. So, if it is the case that you need a clinic that can provide these more specialist treatments, then it will undoubtedly influence your decision when choosing a chiropractor.

What To Expect From Chiropractic Treatment With Active Care

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When it comes to choosing a chiropractor in York and the surrounding areas, we would naturally hope to be your clinic of choice. We’re 100% people focused in our approach to delivering the best possible chiropractic treatment to our clients and our years of experience have been shaped by helping people young and old with rehabilitation in many different forms.

From our welcoming and home-like clinic in York, you can expect friendly faces at every turn and our Chiropractors Phil and Tristan have the knowledge and experience to deliver a wide array of specialist techniques aimed at helping you recover from injury or relieve the symptoms of a particular condition. 

We’re also proud to be one of only a handful of chiropractic clinics in the UK to have a NovoTHOR® machine that can be booked. This Photobiomodulation Therapy is perfect for active athletes and sports people, as well as simply those of us who are in need of pain relief, relaxation and recovery.

To book a first visit and consultation, you can see our pricing here, as well as our contact details here.