Have you heard about the revolutionary technology, red light therapy? It provides many benefits to the body, ranging from reduced inflammation to pain relief and improved circulation. It’s no surprise that this technology is gaining attention for being a non-invasive solution for a lot of medical conditions. But did you know about all of the other benefits it provides? Red light therapy not only helps a person’s healing process, therefore providing a better quality of life, but it also provides amazing benefits to the skin. So much so, that some people seek this treatment out solely for these effects. Whether you’re suffering from eczema, dealing with the effects of ageing or just looking for a brighter, healthier complexion. If you have attended red light therapy sessions with us for joint pain and want to discover the other benefits this technology provides, or you want to treat any of the skin conditions mentioned, then look no further! Today we explore red light therapy for skin and how to get the most out of this treatment!

Understanding Red Light Therapy And How It Works

Before exploring the outstanding impacts of red light therapy for skin, it’s important to understand the science behind this technology. If you’re familiar with our extensive blogs on red light therapy, you will probably have a good idea of how it works. However, if you’re new to Active Care Chiropractic, we will briefly delve into the science behind this treatment.

It’s science, not magic. Red light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation or low-level laser therapy, works by using specific wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin and tissues in the body. This light interacts with the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) and causes a reaction providing increased energy in the cells. This process promotes change within the cells and leads to a number of benefits in those who use this treatment, such as collagen production, reduced inflammation and the alleviation of pain. Known for being a non-invasive treatment, this is a great alternative to traditional methods like medication – which only masks the symptoms of your condition. Red light therapy targets the underlying cause, and helps to heal your body from within. If that’s not enough, this option is also a natural treatment so you don’t have to worry about the unpleasant side effects that can come from taking medicine. 

Although red light therapy can treat many painful conditions from joint pain, sports injuries and even arthritis just with the power of light; it also provides groundbreaking benefits to the skin that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether you’re using this treatment for another condition and want to know the extra benefits it provides, or if you’re suffering from issues with your skin and want to try this innovative technology, then let’s take a look at how these specific wavelengths can help you take a step towards healthier skin.

The Science Behind Skin Enhancement

By harnessing the power of red light therapy for skin, you can see some notable improvements in not only its appearance but its overall health. The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it’s crucial that we take good care of it. Our skin can also be an indicator of our health and can show the first signs of something not being right in our body. If we haven’t been getting enough sleep, our diet is poor or we have an underlying health condition, these can all show through our skin. With that being said, the improvements to the skin’s appearance from these near-infrared wavelengths of light is remarkable, whether you want to combat the first signs of ageing or you’re suffering from uncomfortable skin conditions like eczema, here are the red light therapy benefits you won’t want to miss!

Eczema Relief

Living with this skin condition can be extremely frustrating as the uncomfortable symptoms of irritation can be difficult to find any sort of relief. Characterised by redness, itching and inflammation, this chronic skin condition often disrupts daily life and self-esteem. An amazing discovery is how red light therapy benefits those who suffer from eczema by providing relief and makes managing this condition easier than leaving it alone.

Utilising red light therapy for eczema means you will be targeting the underlying cause of the problem. As eczema and inflammation go hand in hand, this technology creates an anti-inflammatory response in the body as well as calming the heightened immune responses that fuel eczema. Cytokines are small proteins in the body that control the growth and activity of immune system cells and blood cells, they also help the body’s immune and inflammatory responses. Red light therapy for eczema helps to modulate the cytokines which promotes a balanced immune reaction. This helps to soothe the redness and itching that makes eczema uncomfortable.

When the specific wavelengths penetrate the tissues in the body, stimulation of cellular activity aids in repairing damaged skin cells. Perfect for supporting skin healing! Eczema-prone skin is notorious for its compromised barrier, which makes it susceptible to external irritants and moisture loss. Using red light therapy for eczema addresses this vulnerability by helping the skin to heal and strengthening the protective barrier, which can help better manage eczema flare-ups.

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Combatting The Signs Of Ageing

The first signs of ageing are often visible on our faces from fine lines, wrinkles to sagging skin. When we first notice these changes in our appearance, it can negatively affect our self esteem. As we grow older, our body stops producing collagen which is responsible for our skin’s firmness and elasticity. There are also many lifestyle factors that can lead to premature skin ageing such as poor diet, smoking and alcohol consumption, leading to us ageing faster than normal. That’s why red light therapy for wrinkles is becoming increasingly more popular, as it’s been proven to be a natural ally in the battle against the visible signs of ageing.

The main benefits of red light therapy for skin is the increase in collagen production. Collagen is the skin’s structural integrity, and with age, collagen production naturally declines which leads to the first signs of ageing from fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. However, red light therapy for skin can help rejuvenate and create a fresher appearance. Red light therapy can work as a collagen booster, and by increasing collagen production you will see an improvement in skin texture leading to a more youthful complexion.

Why Choose Active Care For Red Light Therapy Treatment

After seeing how red light therapy for wrinkles and eczema works, you may be thinking about trying this treatment out for yourself. Choosing Active Care Chiropractic for photobiomodulation will ensure that you are receiving treatment from professionals who are knowledgeable with this technology. We pride ourselves in our ability to help our patients overcome all types of problems in the body, and with our expertise in the benefits of red light therapy, we hope to help you soon! Contact us today and start your journey to healthier looking skin.