Affecting more than 10% of the world’s population, migraines are a common condition and can be unbearable for those who suffer. They are debilitating and can significantly impact quality of life. They are more than just a severe headache and can leave individuals feeling like there is no hope. While there is no definite cure for this debilitating condition, there are migraine treatments you can use to relieve some of the problematic symptoms and help you live with this more comfortably. Seeing a chiropractor for migraines can be a successful solution for treating this. Different from traditional treatment options, what sets this method apart from treatments like medication is chiropractors’ ability to target the underlying cause of migraines, providing a more effective solution. One technique they can offer patients is red light therapy for migraines, a device that heals the body with just a bit of light! If you’re suffering from migraines, whether you’ve tried various treatments that haven’t provided the desired results, or you’re not sure which treatment path to go down, then look no further! In this blog we dive into why see a chiropractor for migraines and the benefits red light therapy can provide.

Understanding Migraines

Let’s start by understanding your condition. You may have asked at some point in your life: what is a migraine? Characterised by a throbbing headache usually on one side of your head, migraines can also be accompanied by various other uncomfortable symptoms such as feeling nauseous and an increased sensitivity to light. The neurological disease can cause severe pain and can even leave individuals being bed bound. You may think all migraines are the same, but in fact, there are various types that can cause different symptoms. Knowing the type of headache that you regularly suffer from will help you to better understand the type of treatment plan that’s appropriate for you. Here are just some of the common migraine types you could be suffering from.

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  • Migraine

A standard migraine, also known as a migraine without an aura, is the most commonly known headache. These kinds of migraine attacks typically only last between four hours and three days, and you don’t get a warning sign prior to an episode. Symptoms include a headache on one side of your head, feeling nauseous and sensitivity to light. Migraine treatments involve over the counter painkillers, medications like antidepressants, certain lifestyle changes such as staying hydrated and getting enough sleep.

  • Migraine with aura

Affecting 1 in 3 people who have migraines, a migraine with aura causes a combination of sensory, motor and speech symptoms prior to the start of the migraine headache. Acting as a warning signal, you’ll be aware that your headache is about to begin when you experience these first signs. As the symptoms are very similar, this type of migraine can often be misinterpreted as a stroke or seizure. Nevertheless an aura can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and include the following symptoms related to eyesight: flashing lights, blind spots in your vision and temporary vision loss. Some people have also been known to experience muscle weakness, speech changes and feeling dizzy. Although it’s unknown what causes migraines with an aura, the most commonly known triggers include stress, bright lights and certain medications.

  • Chronic migraine

You may be experiencing a chronic migraine if you have had a headache for at least 15 days of one month, with 8 of these days consisting of migraine symptoms for at least three months. If you’re wondering whether your migraines are chronic, look out for the following symptoms: frequent headaches, increased sensitivity to light, sound or smells, nausea and or vomiting. For many people living with this condition, the pattern of chronic migraines will vary. Some people may find that their symptoms will reduce over time, while others will find that it gets worse. Although what causes chronic migraines is not fully known, the following medical conditions can increase the risk of this condition including: depression, anxiety, sleep apnoea and other pain conditions i.e fibromyalgia.

  • Vestibular migraine

A migraine accompanied by a combination of vertigo, dizziness or problems with balance as well as other migraine symptoms is what characterises a vestibular migraine. There are typically other symptoms alongside headache including: sensitivity to light, sounds or movement and feeling nauseous. Experiencing a vestibular migraine can be debilitating because of the vertigo that it’s joined by. The sensation of movement, whether it’s a spinning/dizzy feeling or a swaying sensation, can be disabling. Although the cause is unknown, treatment is similar to standard migraine headaches.

Limitations of Traditional Migraine Treatments

Typically, migraine headache treatments include certain medications to either work as a preventative measure or to relieve symptoms. To assist in managing symptoms after a migraine comes by taking pills from over the counter painkillers, migraine specific treatments or anti-sickness medications can help alleviate the pain that comes with this kind of headache. Working to prevent a migraine attack, antidepressants or anti-epilepsy drugs are migraine treatments that aim to reduce the amount of headaches in the first place. While these migraine headache treatments help to manage these attacks, they have their own limitations. One problem with this kind of traditional treatment is the possibility for side effects, as these medications are known to cause dizziness which can be counterproductive for those who are suffering from vestibular migraines, as the symptoms of vertigo is something they will be looking to relieve. Another problem with traditional medication is that it doesn’t provide individuals with a long-term solution, while also not targeting the underlying cause and only providing a temporary relief to the pain.

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Chiropractic For Migraine Headaches

One alternative headache treatment is to see a chiropractor for migraines, as this method is a non-invasive drug-free approach to managing this debilitating condition. There are a number of chiropractic techniques that are offered which can help patients manage this condition effectively. As the underlying cause of your migraines could be dysfunctional joints, seeing a chiropractor can help treat the cause of the problem, whereas just taking medication only serves to mask the symptoms. There are also specialist techniques that can be used to relieve muscle tension in individuals which can be a migraine cause, as tight muscles may compress blood vessels and nerves affecting blood flow and nerve signalling, leading to headaches.

Red light Therapy For Migraines

One treatment a chiropractor may offer you is red light therapy for migraines. Also known as photobiomodulation (PBM), this technology is a great option for migraine management. By exposing the affected area to specific wavelengths of near-infrared light, this non-invasive treatment stimulates cellular activity and reduces inflammation. As a result, cells become more efficient in repairing and regenerating tissue leading to pain relief. This technology also helps to promote relaxation in the affected muscles which can provide an effective pain relief to those who are suffering from chronic migraines.

As migraines can be caused by inflammation, this is a great way to target the underlying cause thus relieving symptoms. One of the responses red light therapy causes in the body is the release of anti-inflammatory enzymes. By reducing the production of proinflammatory molecules and promoting the activity of these anti-inflammatory enzymes, PBM helps to rebalance the inflammatory responses in the body. This leads to relieving swelling and irritation of blood vessels in the brain that often contribute to the intense pain and discomfort associated with migraines. 

PBM can also increase blood circulation, helping to relieve migraines as the technology enhances the body’s ability to release endorphins, which are natural pain relievers. By having the ability to enhance blood flow, relax muscles and reduce pain perception, this alternative to traditional medication is an effective way to manage this condition long term. At Active Care, we have expert knowledge in using this technology to treat a wide variety of pain including migraines. We recognise that this is an effective, natural and non-invasive alternative treatment for relieving pain in the body and helping patients recover from injuries. Get in touch with us today for an effective solution for migraines today.

Why Choose Active Care

If you are suffering from this condition and want to try red light therapy for migraines for yourself, then look no further! By choosing Active Care Chiropractic for migraine headaches you can be confident that you are receiving a treatment from an experienced chiropractor, ensuring you receive the best results. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and say goodbye to migraines for good, and take a step toward living a pain free life.