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Active Care Chiropractic York clinic Fees and associated costs

Unfortunately as with many businesses hit by new pressures from COVID19 and the corona virus we have had to increase our fees to cover all of our new costs and significantly reduced capacity.

This table shows our fee structure, for a full break down of what each appointment includes please see below.

Initial Consultation£60
Standard Treatment£38
Double session£60
Appointment missed or cancelled on the day
(please see below)
Initial Consultation to use NovoTHOR
(please see below)
NovoTHOR for existing patients during the coronavirus pandemic £38
Active Care Chiropractic York Clinic Fees and associated costs

Chiropractic is a primary health care profession so you don’t need a referral from your GP to see a Chiropractor.

Most insurance companies cover chiropractic – if you want to ask about your insurance please contact us.

Initial Consultation

This appointment will last approximately 45 – 60 minutes and will include:

  • Taking your “case history” – this is a series of questions to establish the details of your problem.
  • Performing a thorough physical assessment to establish what is wrong.
  • A full “report of findings” – we will explain your problem in detail and what we think should be done.
  • Treatment – if appropriate treatment will be offered during this appointment without extra charge.

Standard Treatment

This is a standard treatment session and will last approximately 15 mins.

Double Session

If you require more time a double session can be requested and will last approximately 30 minutes.


If you haven’t been to the clinic for a long time or have a new problem that will require thorough investigation you will need to book a reassessment which will last approximately 30 minutes.

Appointment missed or cancelled on the day

In nearly 20 years of practice we have very rarely charged for missed appointments however in the present climate while we are struggling to fit people into appointments and with spiralling costs we are having to charge people in full for appointments that are missed or cancelled on the same day.

Initial consultation for NovoTHOR

This appointment will be necessary for anybody wishing to use NovoTHOR that isn’t a patient of the clinic as we will need to assess if NovoTHOR is appropriate for them. This will last about an hour.

Standard NovoTHOR session

A 30 min appointment to use our NovoTHOR full body light pod.

NovoTHOR during the coronavirus pandemic

While the world tries to come to terms with everything that is going on we have reduced the cost of using NovoTHOR during the coronavirus pandemic.