COVID-19 update

hand santiser
York chiropractor sanitising for clinic reopening

York chiropractor Phil Baines update on plans for clinic reopening.

Lots of you are asking when we will reopen. We know that a lot of you really want an appointment.

Like everybody, we are glued to the governments daily updates trying to work out when it will be safe and appropriate to reopen the clinic.

  • Apologies again that we can’t be there for you in person.
  • If you would like to discuss anything, or would like advice, please call the clinic and leave a message or send an email or text message.
  • We can’t offer you hands on chiropractic treatment but we can give you advice on exercise and mobility.
  • Lots of you have asked us to contact you ASAP when we have a date to reopen. Please let us know if you want to be added to the list.
  • We’ve been working hard to ensure we are ready to reopen as safely as possible as soon as possible. We have taken huge steps including:
    • Halving the number of appointments
    • Leaving sufficient time for a complete disinfection between appointments
    • Using two rooms to minimise unnecessary contact
    • … and many others so that we can treat people as safely possible.

As part of our many changes we will also be offering online booking and hopefully online payments to further reduce infection risk.

To book an appointment please click the following link.

We look forward to seeing you all when we reopen – York chiropractor Phil Baines.