Graston® Technique – Active Care Chiropractic York

Our Chiropractors are highly experienced in using the specialist Graston® Technique to benefit our patients. During the process, we use stainless steel instruments to apply a cross-friction massage to the surface of the affected area. This enables us to identify the particular area causing restriction, which we will then work to break up the scar tissue and promote healing. It is ideal for those that have got muscle problems, injuries, post surgery issues or trauma. A lot of patients aren’t initially aware of this technique as a solution to their problems, however, Graston® Technique is a great way of increasing your range of motion and promoting healthier soft tissue.

What is Graston® technique?

Graston® technique is something practised by chiropractors And other manual therapists such as osteopaths and physiotherapists, this technique is a manual therapy method using special tools that massage the body. Within Graston® Technique there are 6 key tools, made of stainless steel and various different shapes and curves that are rounded and have smooth edges. Each one is designed with a specific body part in mind.

In comparison to other forms of deep-tissue massage, it’s a much more comfortable form of massage and has tools ranging from wide to think bases of contact. Because there is no give in the metal, unlike with fingers, meaning the clinician can give you the right treatment that is suited to you and apply much less pressure when working in the key areas that need to be treated.

Benefits of the Graston® technique:

The Graston® Technique provides patients that are suffering with muscle and tissue injuries with treatment that will assist and ease their issues. Not only in relation to short term conditions but also with long term conditions and even chronic pains that were assumed to be permanent. Even injuries that aren’t that serious, if left untreated can lead to more problems and mean movement can cause pain or be straining on the body. No matter how long the patient has been suffering it is still possible to help.

The conditions that this technique works particularly well on are listed below;

Muscle injuries
Shoulder Pain
Back Pain
Knee and Neck
As well as many others.

The Graston® Technique allows the chiropractor to remove any restrictions the patient may feel in relation to their issue, as well as helping them recover from developing scar tissue and help with the normal function of soft tissue with the help of the right exercise. Another benefit is the increase of blood flow, allowing the area to experience more oxygen and therefore speeding up recovery. This decreases the likelihood of needing to take medication for reducing inflammation.

How Does A Graston® Technique Session Work

The specially trained chiropractor uses the specific handheld Graston® instrument for a form of deep tissue massage that is tailored to you and your individual needs. Before the massage begins you may be asked to briefly warm up the specific muscle. Once you are rested and in a comfortable position the cross-friction massage will begin. The tools that are used run over your skin, applying pressure to scan over the body and highlighting areas of restriction to detect scar tissue or areas causing pain, allowing the chiropractor to easily locate and then break up this scar tissue. It works by breaking up the tissue to allow you to get back to your normal level of function and ability to move.

The Graston® Technique is usually followed up by stretching exercises to encourage the tissue fibres to re-adjust and restore back to regular and healthier tissue. To further enhance the results you may also be asked to complete a few exercises to do at home. Typically, a patient will receive one treatments per week, spanning across 4-5 weeks depending on the type of treatment, how serious the injury is, and the age of the patient. Most patients notice a positive difference after the 3rd/4th treatment.


Why Use Graston Technique

Overall, Graston® Technique offers a perfect all round treatment; whether you are experiencing muscle problems, recovering from an injury/surgery or have experienced a physical trauma. The technique offers promising results, enhancing a patients functions and minimising discomfort, particularly those with soft tissue damage and persistent pain. It also allows you to recover faster, without the need for anti-inflammatory medication, ideal for those with allergies or on other medication.