The New Normal

the new normal - 4 weeks back in clinic - thank you to our patients
"the new normal"

The new normal – now that we’ve been back in clinic 4 weeks

As everybody tries to adjust to “the new normal”, it’s hard to believe we’ve been back in clinic 4 weeks! We just wanted to thank everyone for complying with our new policies and procedures.

It’s been a strange time for everyone and the clinic is no exception but we’ve had a lot of very positive feedback about the efforts we’ve made to keep the clinic safe.

All things considered the first 4 weeks couldn’t have been any better

We also want to thank everyone for being understanding about the difficulty of fitting everybody in. With vastly reduced capacity due to limitations imposed by “the new normal” it’s even harder than usual to accommodate everybody. So again thank you for being patient.

It’s been really hard not hugging or shaking hands with many of our patients and friends that we haven’t seen for months.


Wearing masks is strange for all of us. We can’t see each others faces properly. The masks ride up or down the whole time, often obscuring your vision. Many people tell us that in clinic is the first time they’ve had to wear one. Much as none of us like it however unfortunately for the time being we are all advised to wear masks.


Please try to bring a mask or face covering with you. We have single use disposable masks in clinic but you can just wear a scarf, cloth mask or a snood. PLEASE bring something with you to reduce the amount of single use masks we get through and throw out.

picture of mask to prevent coronavirus spread

We’ve all made jokes jokes about the strange “PPE” but unfortunately for the time being PPE is still a clinical requirement.

Finally we want to thank everyone for accommodating our current hours.

Thank you, look after yourselves and “stay safe!”.

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